Construction Contractors

Construction contractors come in many forms and types. Most construction contractors are licensed by the state in which they work so the state can monitor the contractors work and can have a recourse if the contractors do not do good work. Whether you area specialty contractor or a General contractor you need to be able to get work. If your are a new contractor you may not know of a way to get consistent leads that will keep you and or your crews busy. There are numerous lead sources and many of these are very good but they consist of consumer leads directly to the lead generation company then to the construction contractor. Being a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, painter, concrete contractor or any type of construction contractor you will need to obtain consistent leads and the csnbrobtaind through a lead generating company like Home Advisor, 1800 contractor, Houzz or a number of specialty websites. If you do go this route plan on spending from $1200 to over $5.000 per month on leads depending on how many you or your crew can do in a month. The leads generally cost from $75 to $200 per lead whether you bid the job or not. In some cases you may get a credit back on the lead if the lead does not follow in the work you signed up for, if they don’t own the home, or if it was a mistake lead. The lead generating companies do not like to give credits so be prepared to fight for it if they don’t. This site called that has a nominal registration fee of only $200 per month. Once registered you have access to the site and can preview the jobs available to bid in your area. All construction jobs posted are completed by a General contractor looking for licensed construction contractors to bid their construction projects. There is no additional cost to bid the jobs for the specialty contractor or to post the job by the General contractor. If you are a looking for a way to connect with General contractors for new construction projects is one of the easiest and least costly. Remember you are bidding to the general contractor and if you are successful in selling the projects you may be get many more projects from the contractor in the future. The future for Construction contractors is bright with many construction jobs coming up but you do need to have a source of getting the projects. With once you are registered you will be notified by email of any future projects in your area and trade that may have been posted recently so you can contact the General contractor and request to bid the project. The registration fee is only $200 per year and no additional fees will be charged. You can live chat with the General contractor on the site and request for a set of PDF plans that can be sent with the live chat messaging. All construction contractors whether you are a plumber, electrician, roofer, drywaller, masonary, finish carpentry, stucco, HVAC, landscaping, pool contractor and many other construction contractors can benefit from the site and reap the rewards that come from the construction jobs that are posted . So remember if you are a construction contractor register with today and be the first to start bidding and posting projects for free.