Drywall Contractors

Subcontractors consist of any construction contractor who will work as a sub to another construction contractor. One of the most important subcontractor would be the Drywall contractor who is involved in installation of the drywall, taping and texturing for new homes, additions, commercial installation etc. The drywall contractor as a whole would not be considered service and repair as they prefer doing more drywall than just repairs. Finding leads for Drywall contractors would be difficult using a consumer lead generating website as most home owner only want repairs on drywall and would not require a whole house or addition to be completed. In this case the drywall contractor would need to work closely with General contractors who give them the whole project including hanging drywall, them taping then texturing. The best way to find these types of projects would be through commercial lead generating website like Bid Clerk or dodge reports. These are primarily commercial projects not residential. The one site that handles both residential and commercial are EZcontractorZ.com a web portal not a considered a lead generation site but a place where General contractors can post projects and subcontractors can bid directly to the general contractors. The drywall contractors need to survive on relationships and good work. They are not like service and repair plumbers where they can expect consumers to call them 10 times a day for repairs. Their work is a specialty but cannot only be profitable if they get larger jobs otherwise they may not make enough on small jobs to survive. The Drywall contractor are an important part of new construction and a good drywall contractor is worth their weight in gold. The drywall contractor would definitely need to bid larger projects with plans and with the EZestimatorZ.com website they can connect with a general contractor and be sent a PDF plan over the website. The most important aspect of the EZcontractorZ.com web site is the cost only $200 annuals subscription fee to access the site and no fees to bid the project. When the paid lead generating webs sites will charge $100 to $200 per lead just for the benefit of being given a number and name of a possible lead that you may even be able to get a hold of to give a estimate to. For Drywall contractors lead generating sites would not be useful as they are mostly filled with leads from consumers and even if they were able to get a large job from a consumer directly, there is very little chance the consumer would do another project where they would need a drywall contractor. So for a mere $200 annual subscription even if you only got one job out of it, it is worth the fee. But depending on the number of General contractors who use the site there should be many projects to bid.