Plumbing Contractors

If you are a plumbing contractor and looking for constructions projects to bid there are numerous websites that will help you in getting construction or plumbing leads. These website are lead generating website that generate leads by having many smaller website that they use Search Engine Optimization so all plumbing searches on the internet will hit their site first and improve their ranking in google or whatever browser is being used. They spend a lot of money to do this and will charge the plumbing contractors for these leads. The cost can range from $75 to $200 dollars per lead just for the information to contact the consumer and they will give the lead out to many other contractors also. You can see how they can afford to spend much money on the search engine optimization for their different websites. I know as I have been buying leads as a general contractor from Home advisor for over 15 years and spend up to $60,000 a year on these leads. Its costly but the projects I sell average $100,000 perproject so its worth it. But if your average project is less than $10,000 than it may not be worth it to you to pay that much for leads. You can get your own website and also spend a lot of money to SEO your website but you will never have enough money to compete with the Home advisors or other large lead generating sites that are competing for the internet leads. The site is not a lead generating site but a web portal for where General Contractors can post their projects for plumbing contractors to bid for free. The only fee you pay is an $200 annual registration fee to access the site but no fee to bid the projects . If you don’t mind working on new construction jobs and are able to bid from blueprints then this is the place to go. You can register as a licensed Plumbing contractor and say how far you are willing to travel for work , when a new posting for a plumbing projects comes up in your area you will be notified by email with a link to the posting so you can contact the General contractor by his communication preference either telephone, email or Live chat . Then you can request a set of PDF plans be emailed or sent via live chat messaging. The system is a great tool for Plumbing contractors even if you like doing service and repair work this additional work source will help keep your crews always working when the service and repair work is slow. The plumbing contractor can choose either Residential remodel work, new home building, commercial or industrial work as their preference or all four areas. Why not take advantage of this new source of work if you are busy you are not spending much money to access the website and if you slow down you have another source to access new projects. As a general contractor I have posted large commercial plumbing and electrical project of over $100, 000 on the site so it can be a great source for commercial plumbing contractors. So register today as a licensed plumbing contractor and be ready for the future with