Terms & Conditions

What we Agree
  1. In respect to Registered user of our website, all leads are generated by other registered users of our website and no consumer leads are generated on our site. EZcontractorZ.com is only a web portal by which General contractors can communicate to specialty contractors by posting bids for their projects and EZcontracorZcannot guarantee the accuracy of the posts.
  2. EzContractorz.com can only verify the license of the contractor at the time of registration and registered users must do their due diligence to insure the contractor license is current any time after . EZcontractor does not do background checks for registered users and contractors who wish to do business with another registered user should do their normal background checks on the contractor.
  3. EZcontractorZ will provide a method in which registered user can rate other registered users they did business with on the site . EZcontractorZ reserves the right to deny membership to any contractor who does not follow our policy and for which they know from previous experience and from other registered users that they do not follow good business practice.
  4. Registered users must have a valid contractors license in the state in which they choose to do business and must agree to follow good business practice in working with other registered users.
  5. When registering new users can only register in the categories in which their license is approved for the category of work in t.he state in which they are registering.
  6. Registered users may include additional categories if they have a license or additional licenses that allow them to practice in the state in which they are registering for at 1/2 the standard registration cost per category after the first category.
  7. Registered user shall not share or sell the leads on this website, the leads are for the exclusive use of registered user to bid projects and prohibited use will invalidate the registrations.
  8. EZcontractors offers reoccurring monthly and annual subscriptions to access the website.
  9. Registered user understand they are paying only to access the EZcontractorZ website and EZcontractorZ is not furnishing or guaranteeing leads to the contractor.
  10. Member ship in the EZconstructionZ website is only available to persons that are 18 years and older and can form legally binding contracts.
  11. Registered contractor must be qualified and legally able to perform the tasks in which they are licensed for in the state in which they are registered.
  12. Registered user will at all times have a current contractor's license, be bonded and insured in the state in which you are licensed
  13. After your initial subscription period and subsequent subscription, your subscription will continue automatically for an equivalent period (automatic renewal) at the renewal price you initially signed up at. if you would like to cancel your subscription you may do so with at least 30 days notice. You have the right to cancel your subscription your renewal with a 30 day notice by email to BobEZcontractorZ@gmail.com .
  14. EZcontractorZ agrees to only charge a subscription fee for membership access to the EZcontractorZ.com web site and no additional fees or commissions for contracts between contractor on their projects.
  15. This Agreement and EZcontractorZ terms and registration fee schedule may change from time to time By using this website user agrees to be bound by the changes in terms which will be posted on the EZcontractorZ.com website.