About Us

The EZcontractorZ.com website was created by a General contractor to help obtain bids for his constructions projects . It made it very easy for the General to obtain good subcontractors for his different projects. The only other way to get subcontractors would be a tedious task of calling from the construction bluebook, Craigslist , thumbtack and yellow pages and asking for referrals . Once a project is posted on the site you should receive messages from prospective subcontractors interested to bid your project . You can request bids from plumbers, electricians, roofers, painters and many other specialty contractors . The contractors on this site are required to be licensed in the category they wish to bid. Also as subcontractors know it can be very expensive to pay for leads through some of the lead generating websites as much as $75 to $150 per lead . EZcontractorz.com website is designed to allow Generals to post their projects on the website. The subcontractor will be sent a email notification that there is a project in their area to bid. If they are a paid user they then can contact the General directly to obtain plans or specifications directly on the site. They can communicate directly with the General either through telephone, email or live chat on the site. There is no cost to register as a free user on the site, only a annual registration fee if you decide you want to bid or post jobs on the site. There are no additional fees other than the annual registration fee and you can bid or post as many projects as you like. This makes it very useful for both Generals and Specialty contractors alike. The Registration is free to access the site, so sign up today. If you decide you want to access the premium features you can pay the annual registration fee. Even if you don’t pay you will still get notified of projects in your category and you can access them when you decide to upgrade. Please fee free to join our EZ Estimater Facebook