Residential & Commercial Leads

The web site is a web portal where you can register for a nominal fee and have access to many residential construction leads to bid. The process is easy you register your company for a low annual fee and you will be notified of projects within your area to bid. There are many types of projects to bid for from General contractors who will post their projects on the portal. We have projects for roofing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, flooring, framing, concrete and finish carpentry. The alternative website like Home Advisor, Porch, 1(800) contractor, Bid Clerk, Dodge reports and many other lead generating website. These site are excellent as long as you are good at selling and you charge enough for the jobs you bid as they charge around $75 to $200 per lead whether you sell the job or not. With The website you pay an annual fee of $200 per year and you can bid as many projects as you want or are available. You can spend a few thousand dollars on leads per month with the lead generating sites and you may not even sell a project. With the website you only pay for access to the portal but not per lead. This is one of the newest ways to find leads and is very reasonable.If you are new to construction or you have been in it for awhile you will find leads can be difficult to find especially if the economy slows, you need to have a source to find leads. If you only want to work with consumers directly these leads may not work for you as the leads are not coming directly from the consumers but from the General contractor who has a contract with the consumer. Realize that working directly for consumers can be profitable but you don’t get many repeat customers from consumers like you will with general contractors. How many water heaters do you think a consumer will replace in a lifetime. But how many new projects will a General contractor get in a lifetime. Building relationships with other contractors can be profitable for you over many years. EZ has many different types of jobs to bid, new homes, new additions, commercial Tenant improvement, industrial. So if you are capable of doing all these types of projects you will have plenty of projects to bid and many General contractors to bid for.Plan on registering with the only website that will furnish leads from General contractors for just the cost of the $200 annual registration fee and no fees to bid the projects. There are many sources of construction and residential leads but getting them can take time and costly especially if you have to lower you price to get the job. I am sure there are competitive subcontractors competing against you for the same jobs whether you are paying for the leads or you re getting them from but if you check out our construction estimating video on how to sell projects on you tube it will help you close the jobs over the other contractors. Look for EZ estimater channel on you tube and you will find good information on how to obtain leads and sell them.