Informational Purposes

FAQ : 1. Can I register and not pay any registration fee ? a. Yes you can register for Free and access the website but you will not have access to bid jobs or post your jobs until you pay the $197.00 registration fee. 2. Is there a fee to pay for each Lead ? a. No there is only the annual registration fee 3. Am I competing against a lot of other contractors for the job ? a. You may or may not , depending on how busy other contractors are . But once you do good work for a General contractor you have a better chance of getting his jobs. 4. I am a General contractor can I bid jobs on here ? b. The jobs on here are from General contractors , its not a consumer site like Home advisor . Unless you have a specialty license like plumbing , electrical etc also. 5. IF I join and pay the annual fee can I be assured I will get some jobs ? a. Even though we can't guarantee you jobs , we will be doing a lot of promoting the website through SEO, social media and seminars to assure we get enough General contractors to post many projects on the site. 6. Can I bid more than one type of project , framing , roofing , plumbing etc. a. You can if your state license allows it , most specialty licenses does not allow you to bid projects outside of your license class , so we will not allow that neither but if you more have more than one license you can register the other license on at 1/2 the registration fee. 7. How long is my registration good for ? a. A paid annual registration is good for one year and is automatically renewed unless you cancel , a non paid registration does not expire but you can't access the premium features of the website . 8. Is there a limit to how many jobs I can bid without paying anymore than the registration fee. a. No you can bid as many jobs as you want , just for the annual registration fee. 9. Why is the price so inexpensive ? a. The price does not need to be very high as we expect to make it up in the quantity of contractors who register because of the low price. 10. What happens if I get a bad subcontractor from here ? a. We cant guarantee the quality and reliability of the contractors on the site , we can only assure they are licensed when they register . You still have to do your due diligence and check the references and background of the subcontractor or contractor you plan to work with . 11. How can I be assured the contractor I am working with is reliable ? a. You have to do your due diligence and verify contractor recommendations , but we are planning to develop a ratings page where the contractors can be rated up to 5 stars for their work or General contractors on how they work with the subcontractors. 12.Can I cancel anytime ? a. You can cancel with 30 days notice of the registration anniversary on the annual registration and 1 week before the monthly registration . You would need to register as a new user again every time you cancel . 13.What if I find out a license contractor or subcontractor license is not longer longer active . a. This is a reason for us to cancel the contractors membership so please report it to at so we can remove his profile from the site until his license is activated again. 14. Can I be assured all contractors on the site are licensed ? a. will confirm that the registered user is licensed only at the time they registered, you may need to do your due diligence to confirm that the license does belong to the user who is registered , some times the registered user will use another persons license . So we will try to prevent this from happening by confirming the license name matches the user name .